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Helpful, healthy lighting for your home often begins with the thought that you want to turn your lights on and off from your mobile phone. But it can be so much more. When you think about smart lighting, you should consider the color temperature and color of your lights, ease of scheduling and whether you want them to dim.

The color temperature of your light is a bit different from the color of your light. Color temperature refers to the cool or warm color of white lights. Often, you would want cooler lighting in the day to stay alert and warmer lighting at night (i.e. “take the blue light out”) to go to sleep more easily. Smart lighting is perfect for this! You can get a LIFX or Philips Hue bulb that let’s you change the color temperature based on time-of-day. If you decide that you want soft white lighting instead of warm white lighting, easy to change. Furthermore, you can get bulbs that let you set the color temperature and the color of the bulb to turn on millions of colors. I like to set my bulbs to my favorite local sports team’s colors during games and  also change them for each holiday throughout the year.

In addition to changing the color temperature and color of your lights, smart lighting can be scheduled. I like to turn on the driveway lights for safety over night. Or, schedule them to turn on and off when I am away from home to give my home a little extra lighting. Also, I find that lights along your driveway or a pathway help provide additional accessibility.

Finally, along with setting the color temperature and color of your lights and scheduling your lights, you can dim your lights with smart lighting which will help you set the perfect scene for any occasion. At dinner time, I set my lights to 50% so that we can have softer lighting while eating with my family. I also like to turn off the lights quickly when watching a movie in 4K or I set them to 5% when eating popcorn with the movie. Lots of options with smart lighting.

With smart lighting you have different options for your bulbs that can help you by setting the color temperature and color of your lights, schedule them with scenes or dim them to match what you are doing.

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