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SwitchOn Pro

Started by a husband and wife in Seattle, WA who use technology to make things easier and more secure in our home. There were too many apps, subscriptions and settings until we thought about everything outside and inside our home that we wanted to do. We made a plan, installed the tech and connected everything together. Now, our home is safe, secure and automated inside and out. We want to bring this expertise, knowledge and experience to your home and business.

Adam Bresson, Technology Services Pro and Owner

Comprehensive technology expertise in security, networking, infrastructure, mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps. Delivered as a Marketing, Sales and I.T. professional across media, financial, healthcare, retail and government industries with proven results. Received awards, honors and recognition for his Marketing, Sales and I.T. achievements.

Today, I use security, media and automation tech at home and want to bring the ease-of-use, helpfulness and flexibility to your home and business. As the go to “tech guy” for my family and friends for over 20 years, I wanted to make sure everything works for everyone I can. Give SwitchOn Pro a try today!

Erika Bresson, Director of Marketing

After working in hotel and real estate management in the Seattle area offering excellent customer service, Erika taught English in Japan and then volunteered her time to help wildlife in Costa Rica. Then, she traveled to Nepal where she served on their constitutional committee and co-founded a social good business bringing women’s handmade, fair trade crafts to the United States. GlobalDaughter thrived for several years until Erika turned to a new focus on educational programs working with LAUSD.

Today, Erika helps promote and build SwitchOn Pro because she uses the security, media and automation tech herself everyday. As a busy mom, she looks for things that save time and make things more comfortable in her home. She really wants to make sure everything works for your home and business.